We meet in the Hall behind Christ Church,
620 High Road, Finchley N12 0NU
Contact: Lucille 01707 691 522

Thursday 14 November
Dancing 7.45 to 9.45

The Frisky
Falls of Rogie
Culla Bay
Flying Spur
Rutland Reel
Irene's Strathspey
Farewell to Balfour Road
Cuckoo Clock
Brisk Bob
Never at Sea
Quarries Jig

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FRISKY (J 8x32)

1s turn RH & cast down 1 place,
turn LH & cast down 1 place.
2s+3s+1s dance 6 hands round & back.
1s lead up to top & 1s+2s set twice;
1s+2s dance half Rs & Ls, set & cross back to own sides.


1s cross RH & cast 1 place, 1s cross RH & cast 1 place to R (M up, W down).
1s dance 1/2 L/Sh reels of 3 across (1M with 2s, 1L with 3s), to lines across
All set, change place RH with opposite person.
2s+1s+3s chase clockwise: 1s dance for 4 steps & turn RH to face 1st crnr positions as
2s & 3s continue to complete full circle back to place (opp side)
1s dance two 1/2 diag reels of 4 with 1st corners (M-M) and 2nd corners,
pass R/Sh to 2nd place own side.

CULLA BAY (S 4x32) 4C Sq

1s & 3s advance & 1/2 turn opposite partner RH, pivot & continue to opposite side.
1s & 3s chase 1/4 round set clockwise, dance in & turn R about to face 2s/4s
while 2s & 4s repeat bars 1-4 & turn R about to face 1s/3s.
All dance full reel of 4 across set.
2s+1s also 4s+3s dance 4 hands once round to left; set & dance RH across 1/2 way.
2s+4s in centre, dance LH across once round,
dance out through sides passing opp partner R/Sh & chase clockwise to next place.


1s cross RH and cast,
1s dance 1/2 figs 8 (1M up round 2M & 1L down round 3L) while 2s+3s set & cross RH.
1s dance RSh reels of 3 on own side; 1s end in centre, 1L above 2s & 1M below 3s.
1s set while 2s+3s cross (2L+3L pass under arch of 2M+3M);
1s pet turn to 2nd pl opp sides while 2s+3s cast to order 2.1.3., all turn RH.
1s lead down, cast up on opp sides & dance 1/2 fig 8 to 2nd place own side, while
2M faces 3M (2L faces 3L) for Rs & Ls (start by changing place on side).


1s set and cast, cross between 3s and cast up to 2nd place opp sides
1s+2s dance Ladies Chain; end 1s facing down
Reel of 3 on sides, 1s giving R/Sh to 3s and 1s+3s half turn RH. 2.3.(1).
3s+1s dance Mens Chain; end 1L facing out with 1M ready to follow her
1L followed by 1M cast up and cross to own side to end 1s in 2nd place own side; 1s+3s circle 4H round to left.


1s set, cross RH & turn 2s LH 1-1/2 times on sides
1s+2s dance Ladies Chain
1s+2s+3s dance reels of 3 on sides (1s cross down LH to dance reels on own sides; end 2nd place own sides)
1s+3s dance RHA; 1s set advancing & cast to 3rd place.


1s+2s circle 4H round & back
1s+2s Set+Link; 1s+3s Set+Link
(2s start while) 1s+4s+5s dance mirror reels of 3 on sides (1s start in/down)
1s set, cross down RH to 4th place (4s step up);
1s set, cross down LH to 5th place (5s step up) to

New top couple start every 16 bars.
Repeat until 1s back in 1st place, then stand for 16 bars while 5s continue bars 17-32 to end back in 5th place


1s+2s+3s dance mirror reels on own side (2s start out & up)
1s+2s dance double figures of 8 (1s cross; 2s cast)
(As Muirland Willie) -
1s dance down middle, cross & cast up to 2nd place on opp side,
while 2s set and cross RH to 3rd place on opp side,
and while 3s cast up to 1st place & cross RH to opp side
3s+1s+2s turn partner RH
3s+1s+2s set & link for 3 twice.

BRISK BOB (S 4x32) 4C: 3s, 4s improper

All dance 1/2 reels of 4 on sides
4s with 3s, also 2s with ls, dance RH star
All dance 1/2 reels of 4 on sides to own place
2s and 3s (in centre) dance LH star
All W cross dance passing partners LSh;
1L and 2L cast off to 3rd and 4th places, 3L and 4L cast up to 1st and 2nd places.
All M cross dance passing lady opposite RSh;
1M and 2M cast off to 3rd and 4th places, 3M and 4M cast up to 1st and 2nd places.
1L and 4L (in centre) change places RH then set to each other, while
1M and 4M set to each other then change place RH.
1s and 4s dance 4 hands round to the left.

NEVER AT SEA (3R48) 6C 4,5,6 improper

1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place, cross LH & cast to 3rd place while 6s cross RH, cast to 5th place, cross LH & cast to 4th place
1M+6L Prom hold dance reel of 3 with 4s (pass 4M L/Sh) while 6M+1L dance reel of 3 with 3s (pass 3M LSh);
end 1s in 3rd place side by side facing up & 6s in 4th place facing down ready for:..
1s & 6s dance reflection reels on sides dancing up/down between 3s/4s to start
1s+6s dance R&L ending with 1s facing up & 6s facing down
End couples cross RH while cpl in 2nd+3rd pl also cpl in 4th+5th pl dance 1/2 RHA & all change pl LH on side
Repeat last 4 bars; again repeat 4 bars
All 4-bar turn partner RH to 5.4.6.(1).(3).(2).
Dance 3 times to end 6.5.4.(3).(2).(1) or 6 times to end 1.2.3.(4 ).(5).(6).


1s set, cast 1 place & dance round 1st corners passing corners L/Sh.
1s dance reels of 3 across (1M with 2s & 1L with 3s), 1s turn LH to face 1st corners.
* Centre dancers change with 1st corners RH while 2nd corners set.
1st crnrs (in centre) change places LH while
new 1st+2nd corners dance clockwise round to next corner position *
Repeat 4 bars * - * from new positions.
Repeat 4 bars * - * from new positions, 1s end by turning LH to 2nd place on opp sides,
2s+1s+3s set on sides & 1s cross back RH.



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