We meet in the Hall behind Christ Church,
620 High Road, Finchley N12 0NU
Contact: Lucille 01707 691 522

Thursday 20 September
Dancing 7.45 to 9.45

Ciamar a Tha [how are you]
Anniversary Reel
Scotch Mist
Wee Cooper of Fife
Outer Circle
Autumn in Appin
Music Makars
Starry-eyed Lassie
John Mc Alpin
Nottingham Lace
Mairi's Wedding

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1s dance down the middle (NHJ),
turn 3L/3M with other hand to 2nd pl (own side);
cross R/Sh, turn 3M/3L with same hand to end in middle.
1L & 1M dance up the middle on opp sides (NHJ) &
turn 2M/2L with other hand to 2nd place (opp side);
cross & turn 2L/2M with same hand to end in middle.
1s dance down below 3s & cast up to 2nd place;
pet turn into centre (1L between 2s; 1M between 3s). All set.
All change place RH with opp person; all set;
change place RH again with opp person;
1L casts round 2L as 1M casts round 3M, to end in 2nd pl.
Repeat from new places.


1s cross RH, cast 1 place, dance 1/2 fig 8 round 2s.
1L dances full reel of 3 with 2s while
1M dances 1/2 reel with 3s followed by 1/2 reel with 4s.
1s dance LH star with 3s & then dance (separately) RH T-pots (1L + 2s & 1M + 4s).
1s pass L/Sh to dance 1/2 reel of 4 with 3s
1s turn RH 1/2 way while 4s set advancing,
1s+4s dance half RH star to new places. End


1s & 3s cross RH & cast down 1 place, dance into centre M facing up, W down.
1M with 2s, 1L & 3M with 4s, 3L with 5s, all circle left; 1s & 3s face 2nd corners.
Pass & turn with 2nd corners. 1s & 3s turn RH with partners to face 1st corners.
Pass & turn with 1st corners.
1s & 3s turn RH with partners, end in centre W facing up & M down.
1s & 3s dance reel of 4 ending in 2nd & 4th places on opposite side.
1L with 2s, 1M & 3L with 4s, 3M with 5s, all dance RH across once round,
1s & 3s end in centre line as before.
1s & 3s 3/4 turn partner RH & cast down on own side to 3rd & 5th places.

WEE COOPER OF FIFE (J 8x40 in 10 bar phrases)

1s set & cross RH, set & cross below 2s & cast up to original place.
1s+2s dance 1-1/4 Rs & Ls (5 moves)
1s+2s set & dance 1/2 RH star; set & dance 1/2 LH star,
1L+2M hold on and continue turn to face partner
(1M + 2L cast clockwise to face partner); end in line of 4 across
1s+2s dance full R/Sh reel of 4 across; dance back to own side (1s in 2nd place)


1s cross RH, cast, dance 1/2 Figs 8 (1M round 2s & 1L round 3s) to end facing 1st corners for Diagonal Chain: -
1s 1/2 turn 1st corner RH; chase clockwise 1/2 way round outside of set while 1st corners turn LH 1-1/2;
1s 1/2 turn original 1st corner person RH to face them.
1s dance reels of 3 on own side (R/Sh to 3rd corner position) and end facing 2nd corners
1s dance Diag Chain with 2nd corners; end facing 4th corner position
1s dance reels across (1L with 3s; 1M with 2s giving R/Sh to 4th corner position) & end looping round to face 1st corner position
1s dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 1st corners, pass L/Sh & dance 1/2 reel with 2nd corners; 1s pass R/Sh to end 2nd place own side.

AUTUMN IN APPIN (S 4x32) 4C: 3s & 4s improper

2s+3s Pet into centre & set (men back-back), 3/4 turn partner RH & dance 1/2 RH across,
take non-partner in prom hold and face out
1s & 4s Pet into centre, set and turn into prom hold while 2s+3s dance half way round
All Prom clockwise one place to finish in square set
Side couples 1/2 Ladies Chain, then top couples 1/2 Mens Chain (turn so that
man is next to man on the corner)
All set, circle 8H round to left, dance into centre & turn right to spiral out to own side.
Finish 2.4.(1).(3)


1s turn RH, cast 1 place & turn partner LH to Bal-in-line with 1st corners.
1s Bal-in-line with 1st corners, 1/4 turn R & set to corner, turn R & Bal-in-line again, turn prtnr RH to Bal-in-line with 2nd crnrs.
1s Bal-in-line with 2nd corners, turn L & set to corners, turn L & Bal-in-line again, turn partner LH to 2nd place own side.
1s dance RHA, 1L with 2s & 1M with 3s, 1s change places passing R/Sh & dance LHA with other couple.


1s+2s dance RH star, 1s cast down 1 place & turn for
Double Triangles facing own side while 2s step up.
2s+1s+3s dance Double Triangles,
finish 1M between 3s facing 3M; 1L between 2s facing 2L.
2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 across,
1s finish in 2nd place opposite sides.
2s+1s+3s dance 6 hands round to L (only);
1s cross to 2nd place own side.


1s advance, touch RH, retire, half turn LH, lead down 1 place & 3/4 turn LH to face 1st corners.
1s turn 1st corner RH, partner LH, 2nd corner RH, partner LH, ending on own side.
2L+1L+3L set, advance & retire, set, while 2M+1M+3M rest for 2 bars, set, advance & retire.
2s+1s+3s cross RH, dance 6 hands round half way to left, cross LH & dance 6 hands round half way to right.

NOTTINGHAM LACE (R96) Square set

Part 1
All dance 1/2 Chain & set to partner, 3/4 turn RH to finish with W in centre for LH star.
*9* W dance half LH star while M dance 1/4 way round c/wise, W 1/2 turn nearest man RH.
M dance half LH star while W dance 1/4 way round c/wise, all turn prtnr RH.
All repeat bars 9-16 (W dance half LH star, etc), end in original place.
Part 2
*25* 1L & 3M cross RH & cast behind 4s, pass RH & join end of line while
1M & 3L dance similarly behind 2s, all set.
All adv & retire, dance 2 x 4 hands round to L to finish in lines across with 1s & 3s in centre.
All adv & retire, dance 8 hands round 1/2 way to finish in square set opp to original places.
Part 3
*49* Repeat Part 2 (bars 25-48) with 2s & 4s as dancing couples, all finish in original place.
Part 4 - Repeat Part 1 (bars 1 - 24).


1s turn RH & cast to 2nd place, then turn LH to face 1st corners.
1s dance 1/2 diag Reel of 4 with 1st corner then with 2nd corner.
1s dance 1/2 diag Reel with 3rd corner (partners 1st corner) then with 4th corner.
1s dance reel of 3 across, L with 2s & M with 3s.
2s+1s+3s dance 6 hands round & back.



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