We meet in the Hall behind Christ Church,
620 High Road, Finchley N12 0NU
Contact: Margaret 020 8440 3236

Tally Ho Thursday, 7 Oct 2021

Nice To See You
Happy Meeting
Argyll Strathspey
Jennifer's Jig
Birks Of Invermay
Ian Powrie's Farewell To Auchterarder
Glasgow Highlanders
Scott Meikle
Shiftin' Bobbins
Blooms Of Bon Accord
Mairi's Wedding
The Gentleman

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All dance 6 hands round & back.
Centre M with partner on R & opposite dancer dance RH across once round &
LH across with partner on left and opposite dancer.
Centre M dances out to the R & dances a fig 8 round opposite W ending between them.
All W turn opposite W RH 1-1/2 times back to their partner;
All join hands set in lines of 3;
Set again turning to R to face next group of 3.


1M+2L cross passing R/Sh, dance L/Sh round partner, pass R/Sh up/down & dance R/Sh round standing Man/Lady (1M round 2M, 2L round 1L)
1L+2M cross passing LSh, dance RSh round partner, pass LSh up/down & dance LSh round standing Man/Lady (2M round 1M, 1L round 2L)
1s dance 4 slip steps down middle, set to each other, slip step up to top & cast to 2nd place
2s+1s Adv+Ret clapping & turn partners RH.


1s+2s+3s 1/2 turn RH to face partner in centre, pivot R & dance out to opp side (as Culla Bay); repeat back to place.
1s+2s+3s dance 6 hands round & back (1s end in centre facing down, 3s face up)
1s+3s dance Rs & Ls up / down set & end back on own side.
1s+2s dance the Tournee :- 1s+2s dance into prom hold (M with partner on R, 1s face M side & 2s face W side)
1s+2s wheel anti-clockwise 1/2 way; M turn W into middle (back to back);
1s turn 1-1/2 times LH & 2s RH & dance out to place.


1s+2s+3s set cross RH, set & cross back RH
1s & 2s dance double figures of 8.
1s cross & dance Inveran reels with 2s & 3s. (1s crossing at top & bottom)
1s followed by 2s lead down for 2 steps, full turn RH &
2s lead up followed by 1s to new places.

CLANSMAN (R 8x32) 2C

1s cross RH & cast; 1s+2s dance 1/2 RHA & set.
1s+2s dance Rs & Ls, ending with M turning W into centre to form a line across.
1s+2s dance the Targe :-
1L & 2L dance RHA 1/2 way while M dance anti- clockwise 1/4 way
1M with 2L, also 1L with 2M, full turn LH.
1L & 2L dance RHA 1/2 way while M dance anti-clockwise 1/4 way
1M with 2L, also 1L with 2M, turn LH to finish on sides, 1s facing up & 2s facing down.
2s+1s set facing on side, turn to face partner & set;
1s lead up crossing RH & cast to 2nd place on own side


1M turns 2L with 2 hands, 1L turns 2M with 2 hands; 1s, 2s, 3s, dance in for
1s followed by 2s+3s promenade round.
1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place & dance 1/2 figure of 8 round 2s to 2nd place own side.
2s+1s+3s circle 6 hands round & back.


All dance 8 hands round to the L & back. (or all round to L)
W dance in front of prtnr, behind next M, into RH star,
W dance in front of M opp. own prtnr, behind next M into RH star & back to place.
All prom clockwise.
** 1s & 3s ** dance round clockwise behind next couple,
Men dance on past couple as W dance in between cpl, both turn R to face couple,
All set & full turn RH. All dance reels of 4.
1s & 3s dance a full figure of 8 round the standing 2s & 4s.
1s & 3s dance LH star & dance back to places
(Men round & W through the standing 2s & 4s).
** 2s & 4s repeat **
All prom anti-clockwise.
Men dance in front of prtnr, behind next W, into LH star,
dance in front of W opp. own partner, behind next W into LH star & back to place.
All dance 8 hands round to the R & back (or all round to R)


2 Chords: 1M & 3M stand as 1L & 3L cross to places of 2M & 4M, who have crossed to partners place; 2L & 4L step up.
All Men now have partner on their right.

1s+2s dance Rs & Ls ending with 2M between 1L+2L facing down, 1M directly behind 2M.
All dance down middle, turn R about & 1M dances Ladies back to top to form a line of 4 across (Men b-to-b).
All set to partner with suitable step.
All dance reel of 4 across, ending in new positions 1 place anti-clockwise round set.

On last 2 bars 3M crosses to partner's place as 3L steps up to start next time through


1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place, dance 1/2 Fig 8 round 2s
1s+3s dance RH across, LH back
1L + 3L dance Tandem reel of 3 across with 2s (1L ends 3rd pl) while
3M + 1M dance Tandem reel of 3 with 4s (3M to 2nd pl)
1s+4s dance 1/2 R&L, turn partner RH 1-1/2 times


1s cross RH to face opp side in double triangle position with 2s+3s & set;
1s cast up to top & lead down middle to be between 2s & 3s.
1M dances LH T-pot with 2L+3L while 1L dances RH T-pot with 2M+3M;
1s followed by 2s+3s dance down centre.
3s followed by 2s+1s dance up (3s cast 2 to own place);
1L dances LH T-pot with 2M+3M while 1M dances RH T-pot with 2L+3L.
1s lead up to top, cast down to 2nd place opp side & dance 1/2 fig 8 around 2s.
1s finish in 2nd place on own side.

BLOOMS OF BON ACCORD (R 4x32) 3s + 4s improper

All set, 1s+2s & 3s+4s dance RH star once round, 1s & 4s cast in 1 place to 2,1,4,3,
1s & 4s cross RH, cast to ends of set, take partner in prom hold, dance into centre of dance.
1s+4s dance round RSh to finish 1s on M side facing up to 2M &
4s on W side facing down to 3M (on opp side).
All (1s & 4s in prom hold) dance R/Sh Reels of 3 on sides.
1s+4s dance RH star in centre once round; finish 4s facing up & 1s facing down.
4s/1s cross out of top/foot, cast in 1 place to finish 2, 4, (1), (3).
(1s & 3s on opp sides become the new 3s & 4s)


1s turn RH & cast to 2nd place, then turn LH to face 1st corners.
1s dance 1/2 diag Reel of 4 with 1st corner then with 2nd corner.
1s dance 1/2 diag Reel with 3rd corner (partners 1st corner) then with 4th corner.
1s dance reel of 3 across, L with 2s & M with 3s.
2s+1s+3s dance 6 hands round & back.


1s turn 2 hands, remain in middle & 2s step up,
1s & 2s set (1s advancing to face opposite partner) & dance 1/2 reel of 4 across with 2s.
1s dance down & face each other as 3s step up,
1s & 3s set (1s advancing to face opposite partner) & dance 1/2 reel of 4 across with 3s.
1s lead up to top, cross over & cast to 2nd place,
1s dance 1/2 reel of 3 across (W with 2s & M with 3s)
2s+1s dance poussette.



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