We meet in the Hall behind Christ Church,
620 High Road, Finchley N12 0NU
Contact: Lucille 01707 691 522


Major Ian Stewart
Swiss Lassie
The Dream Catcher
Staircase in Styria
Wooden Horse
Jim's Haberdashery
Never at Sea
Farewell to Balfour Road

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1s + 2s Capstan turn [1s + 2s 1/2 turn pr. RH then half RH star; full turn pr. RH]
end 1s in 2nd place (1L facing up, 1M down)
2s+1s+3s dance reel of 3 on own sides
(1L dances in & up as 1M dances in & down to start); 1s end facing 1st corner.
'Hello-goodbye' setting:-
[1s set to 1st crnr then to pr. across the dance, set to 2nd crnr, Pet turn to 2nd pl own side]
2s+1s+3s dance 6 hands round to the L for 6 steps, pivot L,
R foot over L, & dance back to place.


1s dance in & cast to 3rd place; 2s alert!
2s+1s turn partner RH 1-1/4 times to form a line up/down middle of set (M face down; W up).
2s+1s dance reel of 4 up/down middle of set, end with 2M facing W side & 1L facing M side.
2s+1s chase round clockwise 1/2 way, to 1.3.2.
1s+3s+2s advance & retire.
3s+2s 1/2 turn partners RH, dance RHA 1/2 way to 1.2.3.
1s+2s 1/2 turn partners RH & dance RHA 1/2 way to 2.1.3.


All circle round and back.
1s and 3s dance the Swirl: 1s and 3s turn partner RH into allemande hold,
prom across set halfway passing L/Sh and turn to face each other;
dance LH across, pivot left to finish 1L and 3M facing 2s, 1M and 3L facing 4s.

Reels of 4 across back to places.
All set, 1s & 3s cross out sides, cast to original places (RH to partner)
All set, advance 2 steps with partner, retire with corner and set
1L to 2M, 3L to 4M dance R & Ls on diag (NW - SE)
4L to 1M, 2L to 3M dance R & Ls on other diag (SW - NE)
All set, advance 2 steps with corner, retire with partner and set
2s and 4s dance the Swirl (8 bars, as bars 9 - 16 above)
Reels of 4 up/down
All set, 2s and 4s cross out through 1s/3s, cast to original places.
Circle round and back


1s+2M also 3s+4M dance RHA; 1s+2L also 3s+4L dance LHA
1s+4M also 3s+5M dance RHA; 1s+4L also 3s+5L dance LHA; 1L also 3L end facing out W side with partner behind them
1s & 3s dance out W side, cast up, cross to M side & cast up to end in original places
1s cross, cast, face up NHJ and 1s followed by 3s dance up & cast (1s to 3rd place, 3s to 2nd place)
1s cross, cast, face up NHJ and 1s followed by 5s dance up & cast.
End 2 3 4 5 1


1s cross RH and cast while 2s set & dance up; 1s turn 2s on sides with nearer hand
1s cross RH and cast while 3s set & dance up 1 place; 1s turn 3s on sides with nearer hand
1s cross up to dance reels of 3 on opp sides to end 2.3.(1)
1s dance 1/2 Fig 8 round 3s; all turn partner RH. 2.3.1.


1s+2s dance Double Fig of 8 (1s cross down)
1M+2M turn RH & 1L+2L turn LH 1-1/2 times (4 bars);
1s dance out own side, down behind 3s & cross up to 2nd place opp side
1s dance reels of 3 on opp sides (1s out & up, 2s in & down to start);
1s end crossing up to 2nd place own side
1s dance reels of 3 on own side (start out & up); 1s end in centre facing up
1s dance up to top, cast to 2nd place; 2s+1s+3s turn RH.

NEVER AT SEA (3R48) 6C 4,5,6 improper

1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place, cross LH & cast to 3rd place while 6s cross RH, cast to 5th place, cross LH & cast to 4th place
1M+6L Prom hold dance reel of 3 with 4s (pass 4M L/Sh) while 6M+1L dance reel of 3 with 3s (pass 3M LSh);
end 1s in 3rd place side by side facing up & 6s in 4th place facing down ready for:..
1s & 6s dance reflection reels on sides dancing up/down between 3s/4s to start
1s+6s dance R&L ending with 1s facing up & 6s facing down
End couples cross RH while cpl in 2nd+3rd pl also cpl in 4th+5th pl dance 1/2 RHA & all change pl LH on side
Repeat last 4 bars; again repeat 4 bars
All 4-bar turn partner RH to 5.4.6.(1).(3).(2).
Dance 3 times to end 6.5.4.(3).(2).(1) or 6 times to end 1.2.3.(4 ).(5).(6).

BROADWAY (S 3x32) 3C

1s dance down, turn BH; dance up & cast to 2nd place
All dance Set+Link for 3; 1s dance 1/2 Diag R&L start Diag left
All dance Set+Link for 3; 1s dance 1/2 Diag R&L start Diag left. (3)(1)(2).
All set & 1/2 turn RH, face partner and pull back R/Sh, dance out to places & all set. 3 1 2.


1s dance Inveran Reels of 3
1s cross RH, cast, turn RH to face 1st corners
1s follow path of half diag reel of 4 while 1st corners advance, 1/2 turn RH, pull R/Sh back and dance out to exchange places
1s pass R/Sh and repeat 4 bars with 2nd corners, finishing facing 3rd corner position (3).(1).(2).
1s dance 1/2 L/Sh reels of 3 across (1M with 3s, 1L with 2s) then 1/2 R/Sh reels of 3 on own side.


1s+2s circle 4H round & back
1s+2s Set+Link; 1s+3s Set+Link
(2s start while) 1s+4s+5s dance mirror reels of 3 on sides (1s start in/down)
1s set, cross down RH to 4th place (4s step up);
1s set, cross down LH to 5th place (5s step up) to

New top couple start every 16 bars.
Repeat until 1s back in 1st place, then stand for 16 bars while 5s continue bars 17-32 to end back in 5th place



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