Hertsmere Dance
7.30 - 11 pm Saturday 20 July 2019

Tilbury Hall, UR Church, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar EN6 1BZ

with music by the

Caledonian Reelers

Members £10; non-members £12.

Please bring some food on a plate ready to serve

  Machine without Horses
Byron Strathspey
Cooper's Wife
Trip to Bavaria
Summer in Assynt
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
Major Ian Stewart
Festival Fling
Macdonald of the Isles
Mrs Stuart Linnell
Bees of Maggieknockater
Foxhill Court
Shiftin' Bobbins
Pelorus Jack
Butterscotch & Honey
Luckenbooth Brooch

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1s set, cast & dance RHA with 3s.
1s set, cast up & dance LHA with 2s.
1s followed by 2s lead down, cast up behind 3s, in & lead up to top & cast back to 2nd place.
2s+1s dance Rs & Ls.

SAILOR (R 8x32)

1s cross RH to face 2s+3s on opp side (double triangles) & set;
1s cast round 1st crnr to form lines of 3 across with 2s/3s; set
1s face R for R/Sh reels of 3 across the dance; end passing L/Sh to 2nd place on opp side.
1s lead down for 2 bars, turn & lead up, cross out the top & cast to 2nd place on own side.
1s+2s dance Rs & Ls.

BYRON STRATHSPEY (S 3x32) 3 couple set

All petronella into the centre, set to partner & turn BH 1-1/4 times back to place.
2s turn to right for RH T-pot; pass R/Sh for LH T-pot; end in prom hold.
2s in prom hold dance reel of 3 with 1s passing 1L R/Sh, finish 2s in centre at top.
2s+1s+3s dance Allemande.

COOPER'S WIFE (R 8x40 in 10 Bar Phrases)

1s cast to 2nd place, dance full figure of 8 round 2s & end facing 1st corners.
1s 1/2 turn 1st crnr RH, then chase clockwise to opp crnr while
corners turn LH 1-1/2 times in middle, then 1/2 turn 1s RH;
1s turn partner LH to face 2nd corner.
1s repeat with 2nd corners; end facing same 1st crnr person (now on opp side).
1s dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 1st crnrs, pass R/Sh; 1/2 diag reel with 2nd crnrs;
1s turn LH to face out in 2nd place own side.


1s & 4s cross RH as 2s+3s dance 1/2 RH star, 1s+3s & 2s+4s change places LH on sides.
3s & 2s (ends) cross RH as 1s+4s (middles) dance 1/2 RH star, 3s+4s & 2s+1s change places LH on sides.
Repeat until back in original places.
1s set to 2s & cross over to face 3s, set & cross to face 4s.
1s set to 4s & cross over to 4th place on opposite sides;
all advance & retire 2 steps as 1s advance & 1/2 turn RH


1s & 2s set, dance 4 hands round & turn partner 2 hands. 1s face in & 2s face out.
1s 2s 3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides.
1s & 2s turn 3/4 RH, dance Chain Progression [1M+2L turn L 1-1/2; 1L+2M chase]
1s & 2s turn 3/4 RH to places.
2s 1s 3s dance 6 hands round & back.


1s set and cast off one place.
1s followed by 3s dance up between 2s and cast off to 3rd and 2nd place (order 23145)
1s 4s and 5s crossing reels of 3 on the sides, 1s cross to 4th place to start.
2s 3s and 1s crossing reels of 3 on the sides, 1s cross to 2nd place to start.
1s (in 3rd place) set and cast off one place.
1s followed by 5s dance up between 4s and cast down (to 23451)


1s + 2s Capstan turn [1s + 2s 1/2 turn pr. RH then half RH star; full turn pr. RH]
end 1s in 2nd place (1L facing up, 1M down)
2s+1s+3s dance reel of 3 on own sides
(1L dances in & up as 1M dances in & down to start); 1s end facing 1st corner.
'Hello-goodbye' setting:-
[1s set to 1st crnr then to pr. across the dance, set to 2nd crnr, Pet turn to 2nd pl own side]
2s+1s+3s dance 6 hands round to the L for 6 steps, pivot L,
R foot over L, & dance back to place.


1s set, cross RH, cast 2 places & dance up to face 1st corner
1s set to 1st corner & change places RH,
Corners (2M, 3L) pass L/Sh to face 2nd corners (M facing M, W facing W)
2M, 3L, set to 2nd corners (3M, 2L), change places RH;
3M, 2L, pass L/Sh to face 1s (3M facing 1M, 2L facing 1L)
3M, 2L, set to 1M, 1L, change places RH;
1s end facing opp sides as for double triangles
All set, corners chase 1 place clockwise while
1s Pas-d-B round each other to face down on own side (1L on L of 1M)
1s dance down between 3s, cast up to 2nd place,
dance up between 2s & cast down to 2nd place.


2s dance full diag Reel of 4 with 1st crnrs; at end pass by the L/Sh to face 2nd crnrs.
2s dance full diag Reel of 4 with 2nd crnrs to finish in original places.
Progressive Chain:- 1s cross RH & change places LH on side with 2s.
1s change places RH with 3s while 2s cross over RH
1s cross LH while 2s & 3s change places LH; end 3.(2).1.
2s+3s dance 1/2 Rs & Ls; now 2.(3).1.
3s dance 1/2 figure of 8 L/Sh round 3rd corners to 2nd place own side. 2.3.1.


1s set & cast, 2s+1s+3s set
1s adv setting & pivot right to face out on own side while
2L & 3M petronella to R to diamond formation (2L at top centre, 3M at foot) and while
2M & 3L cast into 2nd place, with 1M facing 2M & 1L facing 3L in a line across.
1s 1/2 reel of 4 across with 2M & 3L, 1s 3/4 turn LH to 1L facing up & 1M down
(M faces M, and W faces W), 1s change pl RH with facing person (2L & 3M).
2L+3M dance 1/2 reel of 4 with 1s, 2L+3M 3/4 turn LH to 3M facing W side (M facing M) and
2L facing M side in line across; change place RH with facing person (2M & 3L).
2M+3L dance 1/2 reel of 4 across with 3M+2L to end 2M facing M side (M facing M)
All set, 2s & 3s 3/4 turn RH onto sides while 1s set & pivot right 3/4
to form a circle with 1s+2s+3s all facing clockwise.
All chase clockwise (8 bars), 1s turn RH in centre after 4 bars to end on own side 2.1.3.


1s cross RH, cast 1 place & dance RHA with 3s,
finish with 1L+3M & 1M+3L in prom hold facing out to pass corner person R/Sh.
All dance four 1/2 Reels of 3 on sides,
1s+3s changing partners in centre at end of each 1/2 Reel.
Finish in centre, 1s facing down NHJ & 3s facing up.
1s dance between 3s turning 3s with nearer hand 1-1/2 times,
cross over to own side & turn 4th person on own side 1-1/2 times (M RH & W LH)


1s+2s dance Espagnole:-
[1s+2s cross (W between M), all change pl RH & cross back (to 2.1); 2s turn RH, 1s LH]
1s face 1st corner - 1M faces 3L, 1L faces 2M.
12 bars 'dance to corner and set'
1s end facing 3rd corner - 1M faces 3L, 1L faces 2M.
1s turn corners 2 hands to face in (2M has 1L on his left; 2M faces 1M) & set while
2nd corners set & cross diagonally RH;
1s with corners (2M, 3L) adv and retire, then dance part RH across to end 2.1.3.


1s cross RH to face opp side in double triangle position with 2s+3s & set;
1s cast up to top & lead down middle to be between 2s & 3s.
1M dances LH T-pot with 2L+3L while 1L dances RH T-pot with 2M+3M;
1s followed by 2s+3s dance down centre.
3s followed by 2s+1s dance up (3s cast 2 to own place);
1L dances LH T-pot with 2M+3M while 1M dances RH T-pot with 2L+3L.
1s lead up to top, cast down to 2nd place opp side & dance 1/2 fig 8 around 2s.
1s finish in 2nd place on own side.


1s cross RH, cast 1 place & dance RH across with 3s,
finish with 1M facing his 1st corner with 1L behind him.
1s dance as 1 person a 1/2 reel of 3 with 1st crnrs
(1s about turn in crnr so that 1L leads out to face Mans 2nd crnr)
similar 1/2 reel with 2nd crnr (1M leads out)
similar 1/2 reel with 3rd crnr (W 1st crnr posn); 1L leads out
similar 1/2 reel with 4th crnr (W 2nd crnr posn); 1M leads out
1M followed by 1L dance into LH across with 2s, turn LH to own sides
2s+1s+3s set.


1s set & 1/2 turn RH into prom hold; dance 1/2 RSh reel of 3 with 2s.
1s dance 1/2 LSh Reel of 3 with 3s, then 1/2 RSh Reel of 3 with 4s.
1s followed by 4s+3s+2s cast up on opposite sides to top,
cross over to own side (Lady passing in front of partner) & down own side.
All set to partner & turn BH into 4 hands round (2s with 3s; 4s with 1s).


1s in promenade hold (W on M's left) dance R/Sh reel of 3 with 2s & end facing 3M.
1s dance R/Sh reel with 3s ending with 1s dancing across to M side.
1M casts up, 1L down, into centre & dance out W side,
1M casts up, 1L down, to end 1M between 2s facing down, 1L+3s facing up
while 2s+3s dance Rs+Ls
2s+1s+3s set twice ending with 1s turning RH 1-3/4 times to 2nd place.


1s dance Inveran Reels of 3
1s cross RH, cast, turn RH to face 1st corners
1s follow path of half diag reel of 4 while 1st corners advance, 1/2 turn RH, pull R/Sh back and dance out to exchange places
1s pass R/Sh and repeat 4 bars with 2nd corners, finishing facing 3rd corner position (3).(1).(2).
1s dance 1/2 L/Sh reels of 3 across (1M with 3s, 1L with 2s) then 1/2 R/Sh reels of 3 on own side.

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