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May 2017

Rides &
Tuesday 2nd May: EVENING RIDE: Gastro evening
Destination: Green Dragon, St Albans Road. Barnet. Steak night 2 for 1! 
Quick spin through Hadley Wood to work up the appetite. Lights essential and PLEASE BE PROMPT.

Meet: 7pm sharp Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley N12  OR
7.20pm outside Waitrose, The Spires, Barnet - Stapylton Road entrance, by the bandstand
Ride Leader: Ray Thorn 07956 816 195

Sunday 7th May TUAG: Turn-Up-And-Go

The usual ‘make-it-up-as-we-go-along’ ride.
Come a bit earlier than 10am for a coffee - ready to leave at 10ish.
Meet: McDonalds near Tally Ho, North Finchley N12
Time: from 9.30am for coffee and planning – leave at 10am.

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st May: Milton Keynes Weekend
We are venturing further afield from Tally Ho for our annual weekend away. Rides are being arranged for Friday afternoon, Saturday (option of shorter and longer distances) and Sunday. All rides will start at the main railway station in Milton Keynes. Participants are to arrange their own transport and accommodation. Come for one, two or all three days. We need to know numbers to arrange lunch and tea stops so please let Alison know if you are coming by Friday 5th May at the latest please (contact details below).  Details of the rides will be sent to everyone who has registered to come

Thursday 25th May: Monthly Meeting  –  Plot a Ride

We will start with our usual ‘business’ meeting.  After a tea break we will have a group exercise in planning a cycle route. Imagine you are in charge of the TUAG and you need to decide where to go and where to stop. Maps will be supplied to mark up the route but do bring your own copy of local maps if you wish. You can also use any hand-held devices you may have (but wi-fi is not available at the church). Then you will be equipped to lead the next TUAG!   All welcome.
Meet: 8pm Carey Hall, Trinity Church Centre, Nether Street, North Finchley N12

Sunday 25th June: East Finchley Festival
We will be running a Dr Bike and Information Stall at the East Finchley Festival on the afternoon of Sunday 25th June. Help is always needed on the stall and it is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. If nothing else, it’s a great day anyway - good food, decent tea, superb beer tent etc. - support one of the few truly local free events in the borough.

Saturday 15th July: Cycle Riding Workshop
The Community Engagement section of TFL will be running an ‘Advanced London By Bike’ workshop for Barnet Cyclists. This will cover, among other things, individual, group and ride leading skills. The workshop will be interactive. It is likely to take place on the morning of Saturday 15th July. Venue: Trinity Hall, North Finchley

For all rides: Please bring a spare inner tube for a quick change in case you get a puncture.

Any questions about rides please contact
Alison Ewington 01707 376282

Please follow the links below to see suggested short rides in Barnet suitable for families with children.

Dollis Brook route (
Pymmes Brook route (
Copthall circuit (
Please note: Participants on Barnet Cyclist rides must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility. Barnet Cyclists cannot accept liability for you or your possessions. It is your responsibility to follow advice and the Highway Code at all times. Your participation is the acceptance of these terms.




Welcome to new members:
Jez Bradley, Annie Gilmore, Helen Maor, Claire Sharpe, Chris Starkie and Keith Tomalin.
Greetings, too, to David English, who has been out of action for a while and got in touch recently.

If you haven’t already been to one of our events we hope there will be an opportunity soon.

 Please contact me with any queries.

Jo McKenzie (Membership Secretary) 020 8449 4813


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With fine, dry weather, four met up at Tally Ho and proceeded round back roads and through Barnet Playing Fields, up the steepest hill - Manor Road - to meet four more cyclists at the Spires. As it was the beginning of the Easter holidays the roads seemed rather quiet.

The route was familiar to some, along the Great North Road, Bentley Heath Lane, Santers Lane, Bridgefoot Lane and Wash Lane, where we saw what was likened to a miniature 'Beast of Barnet', which Ian alluded to at the last meeting. At closer inspection just a long, furry cat stalking a mouse! Arriving at The White Hart in South Mimms, another cyclist, Ray, was waiting. After dining we made our way back via Blanche Lane and the usual route back through Barnet.

Thanks for coming!                                                                   Malcolm

 Sunday 16th April
Museum of London Docklands

Easter Sunday saw a good turn out of 26 riders to head east to Canary Wharf to visit the Docklands Museum. All met at Kings Cross Station, but they came from all directions by bike and train. We were even joined by LCC member, Daisy, on a very flowery tricycle. Once away from Kings Cross the roads got a lot quieter, especially as we were using recommended cycle routes through the city. Sundays are the best time to wander round the City on a bike.

It took us just over an hour to reach the Museum and our lunch. The museum is really excellent and worth a visit at any time – it probably doesn’t get the numbers of visitors it deserves as it is rather tucked away in a business district. We headed back by a slightly different route following the river for a while. This included a tricky uphill zig zag – as in the photo taken by Helen Maor. The cycle routes round London do take a bit of working out – some are easy (segregated and painted bright blue) but in other places you need to watch out for discreet signs directing you to cut-throughs between bollards and flower pots. Luckily Charles had done his homework as diligently as ever and the route was very ably led. He also handed out Easter eggs!

So, What’s This ‘Strava’ thing all about then?

Last month's meeting included a look at using something called Strava to record bike rides. What appeared to be a possibly bewildering mixture of internet site, mobile phone app and a user account before the cycling bit isn't really that difficult or mind-boggling to sort out.

I'm quite good at testing things using the approach of a total idiot - I used to work on a help desk, I know most ways to really screw things up from having to sort out what the user had done as compared to what they were telling me. I'd already set up a user account just to see if it was one of these things that demanded your life story and card details first - it isn't, you can pay for bells and whistles but there's no real pressure and it functions pretty well in the free version. Before even going to the website and registering, try to think of a password and if you fancy one, a user name - you don't need one but it can be easier to find you if others know it.

After the meeting I remembered I'd got a Strava account and downloaded the app to my phone - go to the relevant 'store' and just search for 'strava' and install (it's free, so ignore any payment thingies from the store). Still recovering from illness and still not back on the bike I decided to record a short walk I do for basic fitness.

Remembering the hints from one of the videos, I turned off 'WiFi' and 'wireless data' on my phone and ensured that 'location' was on. Opened the Strava app, pressed 'record' and opened the front door. A little while later I arrived home rather warm and remembered to turn off 'record' before even having a drink.

I reconnected to 'WiFi on my phone and sent the collected data off so I could look at it on a bigger screen via the Strava website while sitting in a comfy chair. My short walk is 2.3 miles and took just under 32 minutes (recorded as 'moving time'). Zooming in I could see where I'd stopped to cross roads, the downhill bits, flat bits, the 'Lovers Walk uphill not slowing down the pace' bit and even when I slowed to pick wild garlic flowers to munch. For BC members it’s a great way of remembering a ride - even discuss parts of it at tea stops, suggest changes (easier bits) etc. We could make a library of rides just by setting the app to ‘record’ and leaving it until getting home again - once home the route can be looked at, turned into ‘sectors’ (or ‘annoying bits between tea stops
). Log the best cafes/restaurants etc. etc.)

I have no intentions to go for a 'fastest time' in the next months/years whatever, but it is a good way of keeping an eye on things.
I feel a short bike ride coming on but - how long does it take me and how far is it from here to North Finchley? How about the long way round to see friends in Mill Hill East? I'm not even on the bike yet and this is a superb toy.

It does seem rather simple to set up and use and look at the route etc, which is fortunate as my username is 'Dwayne Dibley 5th' - as a search of 'Athletes' (pause to recover from laughter) shows there are five of us on Strava.

Ride planning Meeting: 25th May

Imagine you are in charge of the TUAG and you need to decide where to go and where to stop. Maps will be supplied to mark up the route but do bring your own copy of local maps if you wish. You can also use any hand-held devices you may have (but wi-fi is not available at the church). Then you will be equipped to lead the next TUAG! All welcome.

(just because you plan a ride, it doesn’t mean you have to lead it. Help is at hand for leading rides, too.)

Got cycling bits in your garage that are not needed but you do not want to bin them?

Then our Rummage Box
could be for you. Just pop them into the box at each meeting.
If you want any money for them make sure your name and price are marked.

Any item not taken away must be removed from the box at the end of the meeting.
Go on, bring something to the next meeting - it could make someone's day.
This really is re-cycling! Ian Ollier

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