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July/August 2017

Summer is upon us
Summer is upon us, the Solstice has passed, days are drawing in already (!).

No more newsletters for a while and, apart from an early meeting in July the next monthly meeting is September which may well have someone talking about a cycle trip. With that in mind and cameras, phones and GoPro’s in hand, if you are off on a cycle holiday, see something cycle related or just record the sight of a peloton whizzing past it would be great to see it.

Always ready to have pics in the newsletter and maybe even a collection of short movies / slide-show / whole holiday for a future meeting. We can handle the tech side if you aren’t sure about transferring images /movies /whatever.

Considering the tech side, I was looking at the various pictures for this newsletter and many are just in a standard filename - IMG4573 sort of thing. I looked at a photo in the simple software I use for general messing about and wasn’t entirely sure where it was taken. I checked the EXIF data (loads of info about the image) and at the bottom was a grid reference as the picture was taken on an iPhone (yes, told me that, too) that had ‘location’ on. Next to the grid ref. were three tiny images and one said ‘google maps’ so I clicked on it and it fired up Google Maps and placed a pin marker right at the meeting place at Kings Cross station.

Another photo was taken with a Canon Power Shot which also handily records GPS -
And if you are running something like Strava you can link the pics to the route as well.

To make life easy for all, check on the default image size - the usual one seems to be at about A3 sort of size; reduce the image size but do not reduce quality and you can get maybe four times as many pics as before with no visible change (if you want to print in A3 then you should be shooting in RAW anyway).


Rides &
Sunday 3rd September TUAG: Turn-Up-And-Go
The usual ‘make-it-up-as-we-go-along’ ride. Come a bit earlier than 10am for a coffee - ready to leave at 10ish.
Meet: McDonalds near Tally Ho, North Finchley N12
Time: from 9.30am for coffee and planning – leave at 10am.

Sunday 17th September SUNDAY RIDE: St Albans and Gorhambury
Make the most of a golden autumn day (we can only hope!). We will stop at St Albans for lunch at a café then ride through the (more or less) traffic-free estate of Gorhambury. Entering by the Roman theatre, the drive slopes gently up to the ruins of 16th century Old Gorhambury House. The path at the end can be a bit rough/gravelly but walking is allowed! It might be a longish day – back in Barnet at about 6pm.
Meet: 10am Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley, N12 or 10.30am outside Waitrose,
The Spires, Barnet – Stapylton Road entrance, by the bandstand.
Ride leader:  Kathryn Ehrich

Thursday 28th September: Monthly Meeting – Paris or bust!
After catching up with what has been happening after our long summer break, we will have a talk from Helen Budd about her recent charity ride from London to Paris. How much training is needed? Was it easy or testing? What does it feel like to cycle down the Champs-Élysées?
Meet: 8pm Carey Hall, Trinity Church Centre, Nether Street, North Finchley N12

For all rides: Please bring a spare inner tube for a quick change in case you get a puncture.

Any questions about rides please contact
Alison Ewington 01707 376282

Please follow the links below to see suggested short rides in Barnet suitable for families with children.

Dollis Brook route (
Pymmes Brook route (
Copthall circuit (
Please note: Participants on Barnet Cyclist rides must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility. Barnet Cyclists cannot accept liability for you or your possessions. It is your responsibility to follow advice and the Highway Code at all times. Your participation is the acceptance of these terms.




Welcome to one new member this month: Benjamin Ellis

If you haven’t already been to one of our events we hope there will be an opportunity soon.
We look forward to meeting you.

Please contact me with any queries.

Jo McKenzie (Membership Secretary) 020 8449 4813


Membership renewal is due on 1st July

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 The Bike Week Wednesday Ride

Setting off for a steep down hill descent, Ron on top form fills in for Peter Baker

Thanks to Charles Jennings and John Silvertown for the pics

Father’s Day 2017 will go down as a day to remember for the intrepid Barnet cyclists who turned up at the German Gymnasium to meet Alison Assiter for her ride to Barnes Wetland centre. There were 2 groups of cyclists meeting there and luckily we were not the group cycling to Cambridge!

We set off promptly with the proviso that Chris be back in time for Poldark. One group consisted of Bill and his son, daughter and a friend of theirs, who were doing the ride for Father’s Day!! After negotiating the pedestrian crossings at Euston Road, we took the back streets through Bloomsbury to Covent Garden and across Westminster Bridge with its newly erected bollards, carried the bikes down the steps at the National Theatre and then were ready to negotiate the south Thames path all the way to Barnes. Only a few pedestrians had to be avoided before we had the path almost to ourselves after passing Westminster. The amount of building work and flats was something to behold and we saw the helicopter landing at the ‘Helipad’. We also passed an eighteenth century church, a statue to a Hindhu philosopher and poet and many other more famous sights along the river.

Wandsworth Bridge and Putney Bridge were successfully negotiated with Hamid blissfully unaware that a very large bright yellow Lamborghini had patiently waited until he had cycled down a narrow road with parked cars on either side so that he could give full throttle to the car – albeit only for 100 yards but it had the desired effect that everyone noticed it.

Key to the task was to ensure that we were a group of 12 to qualify for the group discount for the Wetland centre. We were almost foiled as we were 1 short but Alison found a willing bystander and we were able to make use of the planned discount. No coffee stop was required en route so we all settled down to lunch in the centre’s café and then made our way round the North route seeing the otters being fed and stopping off at a couple of outposts with scopes to see the wildlife in greater detail.

The route back was completely different - cycling along the river past Chiswick into Kensington via Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush. Certainly everyone admired the houses along the river. The twists and turns meant that we were in traffic-free roads virtually the whole time and it is testament to Alison’s preparation and ‘recceing’ that we had such quiet roads to cycle through. The only hiccup we had was when one of the planned roads was closed because of a demonstration outside the US embassy and we were warned off going anywhere near it. We cycled through Kensington Gardens and stopped off at the Lido at the Serpentine where we enjoyed the unusual combination of lemon tea which proved to be hot water with a slice of lemon. Remonstrations all round but Alison resolved the problem by requesting tea bags which definitely put a different interpretation on ‘Lemon tea’ but it was certainly welcomed on one of the hottest days of the year as it proved very thirst quenching.

Many thanks to Alison for such an enjoyable day and for all the preparation that went into it. We all benefited from the cycle friendly route through the heart of London travelling East to West and back again. And the good news was that Chris did make it back in time for Poldark!

Anne Clark                   

It was with some trepidation, after seeing what the weather had in store, that we headed off to Milton Keynes (MK). It is supposed to be May for heaven’s sake! But, as ever, it is never quite as bad as feared. Indeed the Friday afternoon (after a wet morning) was mainly dry and Kathryn, with back up from Talia, took us south making the most of the extensive off-road routes round some of the many lakes in MK. If you haven’t been to the town, the cycle network is a revelation. Yes, complicated to navigate (our 5 leaders did an amazing job), but once you’ve cracked how it works – and have a good map – you rarely have to mix with traffic. Kathryn took us right into the back of a huge garden centre for our afternoon cup of tea. This made for a nice relaxed start to the weekend.

Saturday started out looking lovely – a large number of the group were staying in a hotel right on the side of Willen Lake – and it almost felt quite exotic. This day had been organised by Ray and Talia – heading north through Newport Pagnell, Sherington, Emberton, Olney (worth a second visit), and onto Castle Ashby. Although there was no time to visit the gardens here (owned by the Marquess of Northampton) it was easy to see that they were rather grand.
The afternoon tea stop was well timed and we sat out a downpour under the café canopy. But we did have to face the rain eventually as we headed back to MK. We came in on part of the Swan’s Way – it would be nice to do it again in better weather! No doubt we endeared ourselves to our hotels and landlords with a fine collection of soggy gear and dripping bikes.

But Sunday dawned bright and sunny. Far more like May. It was now the turn of Anne and Penny to lead the peloton off to the station to gather everyone up.

Then it was off into the very pretty countryside with some lovely little villages. This part of Northants is an extension of the Cotswolds and this can be seen in the honey coloured stone.
We have to admit to a number of punctures in this trip (3 for Graham alone) and both Ray and Penny had them this morning. But when fixing one on a quiet village road – along comes Jo brandishing a track pump! Jo McKenzie – the 4th Emergency Service!

A grassy path by the Grand Union Canal took us into Stoke Bruerne with its canal-side pubs and canal museum. Fortified by lunch, it was time to head south – and then home.

Three days of rides, all so very well researched by Kathryn, Ray, Talia. Anne and Penny. They put a lot of time going up to MK to try things out. As ever, they had to explore more than we ever saw to weed out the routes that didn’t work. And I was amazed by how they found their way round MK itself. In all, we had 28 people out for the weekend in different combinations on the 3 days. It was also great to see Andre back with us from Belgium - representing the European branch of Barnet Cyclists!

So, we keep saying it, but we will say it again: big thanks to our team of ride leaders; and to all the back-stops and helpers with the recces. Just one last question – where are we going next year .......??

Got cycling bits in your garage that are not needed but you do not want to bin them?

Then our Rummage Box
could be for you. Just pop them into the box at each meeting.
If you want any money for them make sure your name and price are marked.

Any item not taken away must be removed from the box at the end of the meeting.
Go on, bring something to the next meeting - it could make someone's day.
This really is re-cycling! Ian Ollier

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