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Number 363

March 2017

Barnet Cycling Matters

Barnet Cycle tube map

We are developing a cycle tube map for Barnet to show where a desired network of infrastructure would be best placed to encourage more people to cycle to work, local shops and schools in Barnet. This is to help facilitate discussions with local decision-makers and to influence Barnet’s Cycling Strategy for the future.

The first ‘tube map’ was created by the Bristol Cycling Campaign in 2015. Since creation, the map has become a part of the Bristol Council Cycling Strategy.

Want to know more about this? If you have a PC or tablet, you can view and download a draft version of the tube map for Barnet by clicking here.

New Walking and Cycling Commissioner for London

Will Norman, the new Walking and Cycling Commissioner has begun his job. Together with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, he has put together a long-term plan to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle. The new document "Healthy Streets for London" aims to make London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. To check it out click here.

Andrea Garman             
Coordinator, Barnet LCC

Rides & Meetings

Sunday 5th March TUAG: Turn-Up-And-Go
The usual ‘make-it-up-as-we-go-along’ ride. Come a bit earlier than 10am for a coffee - ready to leave at 10ish.
Meet: McDonalds near Tally Ho, North Finchley N12
Time: from 9.30am for coffee and planning – leave at 10am.

Sunday 19th March: March Mystery Ride
We are still checking out the proposed destination for this ride – so details will need to wait until nearer the time.
We will send an email round to all on our list. But the meeting place will be Tally Ho at 10am as usual. Intrigued . . . ?
Meet: 10am Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley, N12

Thursday 30th March
Monthly Meeting: ‘Smart Cycling’ – or technology for the terrified!
More and more riders are tuning into online apps such as Strava to log their rides and store all sorts of information. If you are using any of this technology come along and share it – and catch up with what some in the group are already doing.
Meet: 8pm Carey Hall, Trinity Church Centre, Nether Street, North Finchley N12

Evening Rides
Evening Rides are back (hopefully, with a bit of help from you folks).
Basically, meet at Tally Ho at 19:00, ride somewhere local-ish for a meal, ride back.
But we need some ride leaders, people who have an eatery in mind and could lead a smallish group there (and back).
As with the bigger rides, we have plenty of people willing to pass on their expertise - hands can be held.

Anyway, here’s the email from Ian:
“They all start from Tally Ho at 7.00pm. They are on Monday April 2nd, Tuesday May 2nd, Wednesday June 7th, Thursday July 6th and Friday August 4th. Andrea has offered to do July. Would anyone like to lead a short ride and choose a venue for an evening meal. Ian”

So, what exotic (but not too far) eateries do you know of?

For all rides: Please bring a spare inner tube for a quick change in case you get a puncture.

Any questions about rides please contact
Alison Ewington 01707 376282


Please follow the links below to see suggested short rides in Barnet suitable for families with children.

Dollis Brook route (
Pymmes Brook route (
Copthall circuit (
Please note: Participants on Barnet Cyclist rides must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility. Barnet Cyclists cannot accept liability for you or your possessions. It is your responsibility to follow advice and the Highway Code at all times. Your participation is the acceptance of these terms.




Welcome to two new members this month: 
Jon Crosby and Julian Olver.

We look forward to meeting you.
If you haven’t already been to one of our events we hope there will be an opportunity soon.

 Please contact me with any queries.

Jo McKenzie (Membership Secretary) 020 8449 4813


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Cycle Weekend 2017

Planning is now underway for the rides for this weekend. The meeting point for the rides will be at the railway station – well signposted from all the cycle routes in town – and it has all the facilities such as coffee, loos and cashpoints. For tourist information, and details of places to stay, the website is and the phone number is 01908 688293.

The tourist information desk is inside the MK shopping centre but as it is run by volunteers, it is not always open. The website has the Redway Map which gives all the cycle routes around town and neighbouring villages which is useful for those who are not staying directly in the centre. You can also get this map by ringing the tourist office for a copy.

We will need to know numbers to book lunch stops etc so please let me know if you are planning on coming. Preferably by email, so we can send out details by email nearer the time. If you will be carrying a mobile phone on the weekend that number would also be useful in case of any hiccups.

Send names and contact details to Alison Ewington (01707 376282).

Hot chocolate and ice creams
On Sunday 5th February, 12 people cycled up the Dollis Brook Cycle path and on to an early lunch at the tea rooms at Shenley. On the way back we checked out the cafe at Folly Farm, Galley Lane. The farm makes ice cream and Halloumi cheese. The guy running the place was a bit surprised to see a group of cyclists turn up on a cold day. A few people sampled the ice cream and sat outside, but others sensibly checked out the hot chocolate and lurked inside! As the last sun of the day faded, we headed briskly back to Tally Ho corner.


 Sunday 19th February
The Not Quite Spring Ride

Maybe this was mis-named as it did actually feel a bit spring like. So much so, that the thought that a ride in February wouldn’t attract that many people proved to be well wide of the mark. We had 30 people turn up! An amazing number for so early in the year - but good to see. Also good to see some new faces – and some that we haven’t seen for a bit. As we had such a big group we split it to start with (thanks to Ray for leading) and also had to use two different pubs for lunch. But it all seemed to work – and again thanks to all who helped with back-stopping and looking out for others. Helen Budd also sent in this collection of photos – Barnet Cyclists in action!

Thanks to John Silvertown for this one

In England we don’t need this, it seems?

“Active travel” means walking and cycling as an alternative means to motorised transport for the purpose of making everyday journeys. It’s about building a healthier, more sustainable way of getting around into our everyday lives. It’s about changing the way.

"All local authorities in Wales now have an obligation, under the 2013 Active Travel (Wales) Act, to map existing walking and cycling routes, and then improve and link them up. Cardiff will tie in its cycling plans with these obligations." capital-takes-aim-britains-top-cycling-city


Got cycling bits in your garage that are not needed but you do not want to bin them?

Then our Rummage Box
could be for you. Just pop them into the box at each meeting.
If you want any money for them make sure your name and price are marked.

Any item not taken away must be removed from the box at the end of the meeting.
Go on, bring something to the next meeting - it could make someone's day.
This really is re-cycling! Ian Ollier

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