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Number 368

October 2017

Barnet Borough Co-ordinator
We need to let you know that Andrea Garman has decided to stand down as the group co-ordinator. Andrea has done an excellent job in revitalizing the Campaign Group and invested much time and energy in the role. We wish to thank her for all that she has done and we hope that the Campaign Group continues the work that she has started.

Rides &
Sunday 1st  October TUAG: Turn-Up-And-Go
The usual ‘make-it-up-as-we-go-along’ ride.
Come a bit earlier than 10am for a coffee - ready to leave at 10ish.
Meet: McDonalds near Tally Ho, North Finchley N12
Time: from 9.30am for coffee and planning – leave at 10am.

Sunday 15th
  October: SUNDAY RIDE: Shenley Apple Day
After a ride round the lanes and lunch, we will call at Shenley Orchard where they are holding an ‘Apple Day’ in the walled garden (small entrance charge). A wide range of locally grown apples can be bought alongside other local produce. Tea and cake available.
If apples are not for you, the main tea room will be open as usual.
Meet: 10am Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley, N12
OR 10.30am outside Waitrose, The Spires, Barnet – Stapylton Road entrance, by the bandstand.
Ride Leader: Talia Ross   tel: 07816 767212    email:

Thursday 26th October: Monthly Meeting – California Dreaming!
After the coffee break, Alan and Mavis Wallace will give us an illustrated talk about their cycle ride down the west coast of the USA.
Just what we need on an autumn evening - memories of cycling in warm and sunny places. All welcome.
Meet: 8pm Carey Hall, Trinity Church Centre, Nether Street, North Finchley N12

Sunday 29th  October  (NOT A BC RIDE)
If you missed or want to repeat our Easter Sunday ride to the Museum of Docklands, I’m repeating it for Central London CTC. The details are: A short urban ride to the Museum of Docklands. Riding out from Pancras Road on CS3. Plenty of time at the museum and lunch either at the museum's own cafe or in the Ledger Building (a Wetherspoons pub) next door. Return on the "scenic route" following the Thames.
Meet 11.00am on Pancras Road between Kings Cross and St Pancras stations, near the German Gymnasium.
Ride Leader: Charles Harvey  07961 194771

For all rides: Please bring a spare inner tube for a quick change in case you get a puncture.

Any questions about rides please contact
Alison Ewington 01707 376282

Please follow the links below to see suggested short rides in Barnet suitable for families with children.

Dollis Brook route (
Pymmes Brook route (
Copthall circuit (
Please note: Participants on Barnet Cyclist rides must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility. Barnet Cyclists cannot accept liability for you or your possessions. It is your responsibility to follow advice and the Highway Code at all times. Your participation is the acceptance of these terms.




Welcome to new members who have joined over the last couple of months:
Philip Brodie, Sinclair Easton, Phil Jones, Jon Markovic and James Sherriff.

We look forward to meeting you.
If you haven’t already been to one of our events we hope there will be an opportunity soon.

Please contact me with any queries.

Best wishes to Alex and Pauline McKinnell who have moved to Norwich.
Alex has been a member for many years and was our Chair for a while. We will keep in touch!

Jo McKenzie (Membership Secretary) 020 8449 4813


It is that time of year when we ask for a contribution to help with the running of the group.
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 Healthy Streets: Friern Barnet Lane, Ashurst Road, and Buxted Road
Quietway FAQ's

What are Quietways?

As part of these Healthy Streets improvements, we will be proposing to connect residents to the London‐wide cycle network of Quietways. These are quiet routes that follow back streets, parks and waterways that will safely connect you to shops, stations, workplaces and other destinations. They are different from Cycle Superhighways, being much more low‐key in nature, and appeal to people of all ages and cycling experience.

What is the proposed Quietway in this area?

“The proposed route in this area would link north to North Finchley High Road via Friern Park, and south to Alexandra Park where it links with another route to Farringdon. It will provide local quiet cycling links to New Southgate station, Friern Bridge Retail Park and Alexandra Park. It will also support numerous local school journeys. Any improvements that are made will also improve conditions for walking where required.”

CLOSES Monday 2nd October

Why do improvements need to be made to the area?

High levels of traffic can be a barrier to Healthy Streets. Pollution, noise and road safety risks can make them unpleasant places to live. Initial research and traffic counts demonstrate that high levels of non local traffic on these residential streets are trying to avoid the junction at Woodhouse Road and Friern Barnet Lane. The mini roundabout at Ashurst Road and Buxted Road has been highlighted by your local councillors as a significant safety concern. This has an impact on everyone, but particularly on children, those with impaired mobility and people walking and cycling. Wren Academy has recently opened a new primary facility meaning more people using local streets and needing them to be safe.

How can I give my views?

Please tell us how you feel about the local area by filling in the questionnaire online at,
until midnight on Monday 2 October 2017.
Many of us will already know these streets, either from cycling or driving, they have been subject to ‘traffic calming’ in the past. It is the ‘Quietway’ that is a bit amusing as these are very popular routes at rush hours and school times. Most of the roads are narrow enough to not allow direct two-way traffic but the usual dance in and out of spaces, sometimes at speed.

The turns in to Friern Barnet Lane can be tricky and there are other points where drivers tend to not look properly – we know them already.  SO, are you happy with how this currently works? Improvements? comments or concerns about a route that goes past a school with a heavy ‘school run’? Where the route empties out at North Finchley? The existing rat-runs? Is Torrington Park preferable as you don’t get ‘squeezed’ so much?

People say they want to ‘get involved’ - this is your chance. Please do not stay quiet now if there is anything there you do not like — no moaning afterwards, eh?  Not long to comment.
(Remember what one of the
'C's is for in LCC? Or do we expect everyone else to do it for us?)


We cycled in glorious weather from Welwyn Garden City to Hatfield and despite going off road and on potholed country lanes suffered no mechanicles and lunched happily at Emily’s Cafe in Whitwell. The food must have been filling because when we stopped at the Brocket Arms for afternoon tea the troupe refused point blank to eat any more! Thanks to Ray for leading the fast group on a different route. By perfect coordination the two groups met at Emily’s, Brocket arms and Hatfield Station. Some cycled all the way back to Barnet, 4 of us took the fast train to Potters Bar and cycled from there via the Dollis Valley and the rest took the slow train to various destinations.

Thanks to Charles and Helen for back-stopping, Ron for mid-stopping and Alison for supporting us on route.

Ride London - 29th July

 Large feeder ride into the centre of London.
 Big thanks to Ray Thorn for leading and all
 marshals for helping.

Tally Ho start

My Ride London
I was heavily involved in Ride London but never did any cycling on either day. On the Saturday FreeCycle event, I was on a Dr Bike stall run by Cycling UK (a.k.a. CTC). I’d responded to an appeal for volunteers from Cycling UK and duly turned up at St Pauls at 08:30. It turned out to be a much bigger operation than I’d expected. There were about 15 people on my stall and it was one of six. Many of the volunteers had travelled a long way to help out.

My initial reaction at the start was that we seemed to be rather overstaffed for what we had to do. I was also impressed by the very high skill level. Quite a number on the people on my stall either were or had been professional cycle mechanics. We also had an impressive array of tools. I needn’t have worried about overstaffing. By mid-morning we were all working flat out. An informal triage system developed. Relatively unskilled people like me concentrated on the simpler jobs such as fixing punctures and referred the more complex jobs up the line to the professionals. As you would expect punctures were the most common fault we dealt with followed by front gear mechs that weren’t changing properly.

My band was playing out in Essex in the evening so I had to leave early at 14:15. At that stage everyone was still very busy. I hope they weren’t too badly affected by the rain later in the afternoon.

On the Sunday, the day of the Ride London Surrey 100 and the professional road races, I was up much earlier and spent the whole day observing and assisting in the St John Ambulance control room. But that’s another story....

Those who attended the cycling training session organised by Andrea on the 15th July may recall that David Dansky, the trainer, offered anyone who attended an additional two hours of individual training. In August, I took him up on this offer and had two hours training with him. As he’s based in Acton and I’m based in Golders Green we met at Gladstone Park which is roughly halfway and cycled on the roads round there. I found it a useful session and particularly took on board maintaining the primary position, giving clear and emphatic hand signals and his advice on the best way to make left turns. I would recommend trying it. He could also run another session for those unable to attend the one in July. David can be contacted on 07857 745747 or

September Ride: Gorhambury

With thanks to Kathryn for leading the September ride.
They managed to dodge the worst of the showers until the end.

East Finchley Festival
 Not forgetting our annual stall at East Finchley Festival (one year we forgot to book but they assumed we would turn up anyway and had reserved a space)

Autumn Leaves
A lovely time of year, the colour changes that herald the coming of winter. But please, keep away from leaves if you can. They are nice to look at but hazardous to ride on.

The dry, crunchy surface hides the slippery, slimey mess underneath. Unless ridden the same as ice or frost - upright, no sharp braking, no leaning - leaves are like ice.

They also hide things like conker shells and conkers - both pretty lumpy. Also likely to lead to slow falls - that's wrists and shoulder injuries, just like pro cyclists.

Have fun on your bike but look where you are going, older patches of leaves are more slippery.

Got cycling bits in your garage that are not needed but you do not want to bin them?

Then our Rummage Box
could be for you. Just pop them into the box at each meeting.
If you want any money for them make sure your name and price are marked.

Any item not taken away must be removed from the box at the end of the meeting.
Go on, bring something to the next meeting - it could make someone's day.
This really is re-cycling! Ian Ollier

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